Lyndon Water

Lyndon Water has developed a novel water treatment process that integrates treatment with agriculture.  See www.lyndonwater,com for full details.

Virtually any source of water, brackish artesian, municipal or industrial waste can be cleaned to the highest standard and fish, prawns and fresh salad greens produced for local and export markets.   Brackish ground water can be demineralised by this process into drinking water.   Municipal wastewater, even raw sewage, can be treated to the best international standards for reuse.



The proprietary Lyndon Water system is a unique integration of natural processes.   Water purification is done in extensive, shallow, typically enclosed containment structures.   Floating on the surface of the water is the fastest growing leafed plant in the world.   This plant, due to the fast growth rate, hungrily pulls nutrients and minerals out of the water.   In doing so the water is purified far beyond levels normally achieved in the best commercial water treatment plants.

Water at this point is suitable for industrial reuse or for irrigation if that is required.   Normally we would expect to continue onto further stages of treatment, in particular combinations of ozone/ultraviolet/microwave sterilization, to take the water quality beyond drinking water.  Water after final treatment will be the best in the world.

The plants we grow are from the Lemnaceae family.   Various species of this family can be found all over the world and are commonly called “Duckweed”.   They grow fast and have a very high protein content.   Lemnaceae species have a higher quality protein than soya beans, and comparable quantity on a percent of dry weight basis.   As an aquatic crop, they are massively more productive per hectare than any land based agriculture.   Lemnaceae can be made directly into nourishing meals for people, a high protein food supplement or high quality stock feed as demand dictates.


Duckweed will be grown in vast greenhouses that always maintain optimal growing conditions.   After harvest the Duckweed will be dried in a proprietary solar powered drier and sterilized by microwave. 

We now have large quantities of high protein plant based food and the purest possible water.  The next stage is obvious – Fish!   We will produce fresh fish and prawns, harvest continuously and deliver fresh produce to customers every day.  Tilapia fish are typically delivered filleted, either fresh or frozen according to the customer’s desires.   Prawns will be whole or processed, as the market requires.

Seafood will be grown in climate-controlled, hygienic and attractive domes.   Domes of about 12m diameter each, will cover a pool of clear, continuously cleaned and purified water.   Everything entering these food production and processing areas will be clean and sterilized.   Clean clothing, head covering, gloves and slip-on boots will be the norm making this unrecognisable compared to current fish farming practices.

These sterile practices provide another unique feature of the process.  Fish farms typically require vast doses of antibiotics to control infection.  The Lyndon Water systems uses zero antibiotics!

Plant boxes will be suspended on the inside of the food production domes.  These boxes will be planted with a wide range of herbs and salad vegetables, which will be continuously harvested for delivery to customers every day.

The plants will be irrigated with water from the fish tank below – an organic process now popularly known as Aquaponics.   Fish provide the nutrients for healthy, rapid plant growth; plants extract the nutrients and maintain the ideal water quality for fish and prawns.




The Lyndon Water process can accommodate a wide range of water sources.  Water can come from brackish underground sources and be desalinated to produce high quality drinking water, or it can come from untreated municipal sewerage and be treated to near potable quality for industrial reuse.   We can technically produce drinking quality water from untreated sewerage but choose not to at this stage.

Water from brackish underground sources is particularly interesting.   At present this brackish water, although available in massive quantities, is usable only following expensive desalination treatments.  The Lyndon Water system can phyto-desalinate these mildly salty waters into high quality drinking water.  Furthermore special mineral concentrations can be achieved making premium mineral waters.

The key feature of brackish underground water is that it has typically been in place for thousands of years.  This water, laid down before the industrial age, is absolutely free of chemical impurities.   There will be no possibility of pharmaceuticals, gasoline additives, synthetic hormones or the multitude of other issues that worry our increasingly industrial society.

This will be pure water desalinated naturally by growing a plant.   It will be the best thing to have ever hit the bottled water market!



Lemnaceae when harvested, dried and powered has a high protein and essential amino acid profile that that is typical of expensive protein supplements.    Body builders often supplement their food intake with whey and soy derived compounds.   Lemnaceae has a better amino acid profile than either of these foods.



Tilapia is a fast growing fresh water fish commonly raised in inland fish farms. There is a ready domestic and global market for whole and filleted fish, both fresh and frozen.

The conditions in which Tilapia are typically farmed are open ponds with very high fish densities.   These essentially uncontrolled environments are very prone to infection and are typically loaded with antibiotics to prevent major fish loss.

Our fish will be antibiotic free, continuously harvested and delivered fresh every day.



Macrobracium are a well known fresh water prawn and are in great demand.   These prawns will be grown with the fish and also harvested continuously and delivered to customers every day.

Like the fish, the prawns will be fresh every day and antibiotic and additive free.