Energize Myanmar is set to become the leading private sector energy supplier and independent power producer (IPP) of electricity in Myanmar, driving investment in low-carbon power generation.

Strengthening Myanmar’s Energy sector is critical to its rapid economic and social development.

In addition to the clear industrial, commercial and residential demand for energy within Myanmar, ‘energy hungry’ neighbouring countries – China, India and Thailand in particular – offer a solid opportunity for Myanmar to become the ‘Low Carbon Engine Room’ for South East Asia. This potential is underpinned by Myanmar’s vast undeveloped hydropower, gas, biomass and geothermal resources.

Energize Myanmar has been established as a key enabler for this strategic vision. The Company is building an energy portfolio that will both power the Myanmar nation and also export excess capacity to its neighbours. Myanmar’s neighbours already have established bankable power purchase agreements and are hungry for additional supply.

Energize Myanmar aims to deliver up to 20GW of additional electricity generation installed capacity by 2030. A combination of constructing new power generating facilities and improving existing facilities and networks will help achieve this target. Early projects include working with the Myanmar Government on a new ‘Shweli 3’ Hydropower Plant. Shweli 3 will add c.1.05GW of new installed capacity and increase the country’s current total electricity supply by 25%.

Energize Myanmar’s ‘Domestic First’ approach supports Local and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) enterprises by building infrastructure necessary to drive the country’s growth; and in addition to Myanmar’s domestic energy requirements being satisfied energy can be exported. Energize Myanmar is working to serve the country’s linchpin economic development policy by strategically locating new LNG Facilities and Power Plants near Special Economic Zones (SEZs).