Crude Oil Supply & Refining

Phoenix Commodities – Crude Oil Supply and Refining

We have extensive refinery operations and commercial optimisation experience which we use to develop crude oil processing openings together with different contractual structures. 

These can be developed for crude suppliers or buyers who are considering moving downstream to refining without the capital outlay and further into marketing or trading of the derived products. You may wish to investigate these possibilities all the way through to crystallising the opportunity.

We also have connections with a number of refiners who are able and willing to offer capacity and locations for such opportunities. 

We can advise on suitable locations, shape refinery product yields to match your needs or aspirations and suggest further possibilities to increase value and outcome.  

Deepening relationships between refiners and oil suppliers can also create new solutions and locations for crude deliveries which may be of mutual benefit.

These options create the downstream monetisation of crude oil and could include financing and solutions for marketing the generated products.