what we do

The business is themed around six inter-related and synergistic activities that will increasingly create value as the business scales over time

LNG - Lyndon LNG is focussed on the origination of LNG value chains from upstream supply through to burner tip leveraging the global suite of relationships held by the highly experienced Management Team and owners who are all ex. BP and Centrica executives.  The Company is developing opportunities in SE Asia and the Middle East.

Power - Lyndon Energy is shareholder in Energize Myanmar, a Singapore based entity dedicated to the build-out of up to 20GW of incremental power projects by 2030 in Myanmar.

Water - Lyndon Water is developing a portfolio of waste water projects with integrated agricultural systems and value added processing using proprietary technology involving highly efficient cultivation of plants of the Lemnaceae family for the production of potable water and proteins.

Carbon – Lyndon Carbon provides Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) consultancy services utilising the CCS TLM brand in collaboration with Fabricom (part of the Engie Group). Lyndon Carbon is also marketing agent for the Brazil Mata Viva (BMV) Voluntary Carbon Offset (VCO) program internationally.

Engineering - Lyndon Engineering provides Engineering Consultancy services via its Joint Venture with Fabricom (part of the Engie Group) to provide services to the LNG, Power and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Sectors.

Advisory - Lyndon Advisory provides oil and gas consultancy services, specifically; refinery de-bottlenecking, economic analysis of projects, shale gas and contract negotiations, e.g. NG and LNG Supply and Purchase Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and Dispute Resolution/Management.