About Us

Lyndon Energy was founded in 2011 by a team of ex. BP Executives whose collective expertise and experience spans; E&P, Refining & Marketing, Gas & Power and the Alternative & Renewables sectors of the energy industry.

Lyndon Energy is a progressive and innovative company, committed to the de-carbonisation of the traditional fossil fuel economy and to the deployment of proven commercially available technology to reduce carbon emissions. 

Since 2014, Lyndon Energy has embarked on a strategy of "capturing LNG markets ahead of supply" through the development of LNG value chains using Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) technology coupled with gas fired power generation, leveraging the long supply of LNG available globally.

The first LNG import scheme developed by the company was a 3-mtpa project in Myanmar where Lyndon Energy originated and negotiated terms with three major LNG suppliers (producers) for a 15 year term and a Charter Party Agreement (CPA) for the selected FSRU for 25-years with highly advantaged terms.

With gas markets in Europe unlikely to grow significantly, Lyndon Energy believes that incremental sales of LNG can only be achieved via the creation of new markets (primarily in Asia).  Fuel switching from more carbon intensive fuels, e.g. coal and diesel, will be the primary driver with China being the biggest target market switching from coal to LNG for both power and mobility (road transport and shipping).  China has already surpassed Japan and Korea to become the largest LNG consumer globally.

In addition to developing its own projects, Lyndon Energy provides "Expert Consultancy Services" to Clients who require commercial support to originate and negotiate gas and LNG supply and purchase agreements (SPA's), we also act as expert witnesses in some force majeure situations supporting dispute resolution processes between parties for both LNG and pipeline gas.