Renewable Energy as Feedstock

Our H2fuel offer brings together renewable energy with electrolysis for the manufacture of clean fuel in the form of renewable or green hydrogen.  Electrolyser technology is still relatively expensive but is expected to travel down the technology cost curve at pace given the deployment that is anticipated.

Electrolysis and Production of Green Hydrogen

The H2fuel business model is to use renewable energy to power electrolyser technology to produce hydrogen in locations where itb can be fed into the road transport supply chain playing an important role in the decarbonisation of HGV's, Buses and otherwise highly polluting verhicles. 

Application of Proven Technology

Wherever possible H2fuel seeks to deploy proven technology using our proprietary IP to integrate and optimise system efficiencies and outputs.

Getting in touch with us

Whilst we are building our pipeline of project sites in the UK we are keen to engage with landowners, solar and wind developers seeking co-developer and/or offtaker of power via PPA and HGV  and Bus Fleet Operators who are interested in decarbonising together with H2fuel.  Please do get in touch via the box below, we look forward to hearing from you.